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Celebrating Children's Craft Day

Each year, in some places, the Children’s Craft Day is celebrated on March 14th, unleashing a boost of creative energy.

Honestly, I didn't know there was a day to celebrate it.

The day celebrates crafting with children. By opening children’s eyes to the world of crafts, we spark their imagination, and from there, the possibilities are endless.

Crafting helps build children's self-esteem giving them a sense of accomplishment. As with adults, crafting reduces stress in children, too.

Crafting also provides an opportunity for children to interact with others, learn something new, and to have fun without screen devices. When we engage with a child’s creativity, we encourage their curiosity and use of tactile skills as well. Some of the other benefits of crafting includes:

  • following directions

  • improving reading comprehension

  • learning independence

  • overcoming mistakes

  • feeling included

  • mastering social skills

It doesn’t cost a lot to get a child involved with crafts. Use everyday household items for projects. Don’t be afraid to use recycled items such as paper towel tubes and yoghurt containers. These items make excellent craft supplies and demonstrate repurposing.

The ideas are unlimited for this holiday! Let the creative juices flow. Children will inspire you, but the internet provides endless resources, too. Look for easy, cheap, fun and simple projects at Wolols crafts or visit one of my favourite websites like Crafts by Amanda or Babble Dabble Do with lots of crafting projects.

I will search for the origin of this creative holiday if I don't have glue stuck to my fingers impeding the search.

Remember to reuse things and recycle items to be creative!

Enjoy :)


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