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Maria Vergara Wolols Author and Illustrator

How many times have you seen their little eyes wide open waiting for the last chapter, laughing with the illustrations… How many times have you heard their lovely and sweet voices begging for another book to read? They don't want this magical moment, snuggling with mommy or daddy, to come to an end. There is a fantastic feeling when the children ask for more stories (well, yes, all of us have a limit at night!)

This love for reading and their perception of becoming part of the stories is why I enjoy imagining, writing and illustrating Wolols' books for children and creating content from them. If along the way, I can leave a tiny seed through my books, teaching ethical values and giving some tips about taking care of our planet, I will be MORE THAN HAPPY!

Now I'm a mother of three children (and a bunch of funny eggs), and I still enjoy crossing the "childhood bridge" to engage with this magical place.

I've been fortunate to have an exciting life moving abroad with my parents and siblings. I turned five years old in Iran, then back to Spain and at 13 moved to El Cairo, Egypt, where we enjoyed two fantastic years before coming back to Spain and move to different cities around.

This kind of life can turn you "addicted to changes", so when I married Mr D, and we had two "sometimes-wild-boys-but-we-love-them-anyway", everything was "too perfect", so we decided to shake off this balance and give a bite to the challenge of an ex-pat life. 

We searched for opportunities and Mr D found a good one, so I left my job in the Marketing and Advertising field, we packed and moved to Geneva, Switzerland (a great country with an amazing landscape). 

My name is María Vergara, and I'm the Wolols' Mom. Welcome, and thank you for your interest in reading the story behind the Wolols.

I was born in Seville, Spain. Since I was a child, I love art and creativity. From a young age I used to daydream very often, always willing to get lost in the endless world of imagination.

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Reinventing yourself is a fun and exciting part of moving abroad. A huge opportunity is given to prove and find yourself, although it can be hard when you've been working for almost 15 years, and suddenly you are a mom 24/7 in a new country.

After the first year of enjoying my family and learning French, I started to miss my job and "independence", so I wondered what to do with my professional life. At the time, I had all kind of ideas jumping around my brain.

In the middle of this reinvention period, we moved again, to Germany. Willkommen in Düsseldorf! Another change. Another challenge. Another country to explore, discover and enjoy!

I took the opportunity to learn more (yes, another language! but sadly I've lost fluency because I don't speak it often). I explored my creativity and started a business, illustrating and designing t-shirts and bags for children. That was the birth of the Wolols, whom at that moment were named Cacotato. Why this name? Read about it in this post

Almost at the same time, we had our third child, yay! a beautiful girl. I worked hard but failed in the "fashion" business learning a lot (really, a lot!) and moved again. Yes! This time to Singapore, a warm country with incredible people and another opportunity to grow.  
I knew I wanted to "recycle" my designs from Cacotato and bring them to children in another way, but how?. I completed a master in marketing, went through information and workshops about writing children's books, did a lot of educational and psychological research. I made many sketches and drawings, built personalities for the characters, and registered Wolols as a trademark. So after tons of working hours applying all my knowledge, I launched the WOLOLS brand through children's books and this website.


During the pandemic, things went crazy for everyone and I'm very happy this website and free activities, helped so many parents and children, bringing joy and creative memories.

After 6 wonderful years in Singapore, I have recently moved back to Spain, and now we are living happily in Jerez de la Frontera. I will start again with my bunch of "eco-eggs" in my home country and I hope I'll be able to find a good editorial company who will help me continue with this adventure.

I want the Wolols characters to help parents and educators to teach the children the importance of recycling and reusing items to play. The Wolols want to bring children tips to be responsible with our planet, luckily, this generation is much more conscious about taking care of it!


I hope you'll find in Wolols' books and content, an excellent resource to engage your children in creative activities, with fun projects to boost their imagination and encourage them to play. Please feel free to recommend this website to anyone you think might be interested and thanks for doing it! All the content is free, so spread the joy!

Read, Imagine, create and play!

WOw Laughing Out Loud

More about me

I also do works painting glass, doing quilling projects and acrylic and mixed media paintings. If you want to have a look to my other works, visit my Instagram page here  

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