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Crafts - The Little Pigs and the DJ Wolf - Microphone crafting project

DIY Microphone - Crafting guide 

Materials you will need

  • Paper roll

  • Markers.

  • Foil

  • Tape or glue

  • Microphone templates

  • Optional:

    • wrapping paper (you can use an old magazine)

    • stickers

    • glitter

materials list.png

How to do it - Option 1

1 number.png

Paint and decorate the paper roll with your favourite colours

paper roll decoration.png


Wrap it with colourful paper from an old magazine, or decorate it with stickers

paper roll wrap.png
2 num ber.png

Make a ball of foil bigger enough to fit in the paper roll

foil ball.png
3 number.png
finishing microphone.png

And fix it on the top of the paper roll with some tape around or glue.

idea tip wolols.png

You can use a long paper roll and add dot stickers or small lids as microphone buttons.

How to do it - Option 2

1 number.png

Cut out your favourite microphone template and decorate it, with markers, stickers, or even glitter!

microphone templates.png
2 num ber.png

Glue it or use tape it to the paper roll and it’s ready!

micro deco glue.png
micro deco glue foil.png
idea icon home wolols.png

You can cut out the top and place a ball of foil bigger enough to fit in the paper roll

Wolols talent show invitation.png

Organize a TALENT SHOW with your family and friends! 

The Wolols have done the invitation for you. Download below.


Invite people to make their microphone and enjoy a sing competition.

It will be FUN and LOL!


If you want to be a DJ during the show, remember to download or

DJ Mixer craft project

cowee with microphone.png

Yay! You

are ready to

sing like a Superstar!


  • Crafting guide complete

Wolols Mivrophone crafting guide.png
  • Microphone templates

Wolols microphone templates.png
  • Talent Show invitation

Wolols talent shaw invitation.png
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