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Who are the WOLOLS?

They are a group of joyful characters who aim to engage kids and encourage them to play using their creativity and imagination by reusing and recycling things to craft toys and made costumes

Click their names to know a bit more about each of them. Would you like to Meet The Wolols?

There is a place up in the sky, beyond the clouds, full of magic and colour, fun and joy! Its name is

Where the Wolols live.


Wololand is a place inside each of us, where you can see beyond, where everything you dream and imagine can happen with a blink of an eye. Do you see it?

Welcome to your imagination!

Wolols children's books party

Want to have a Wolols' party?


Have a celebration coming up? Birthday party, playdate, special occasion... You can plan with Wolols author, an exceptional

Storytelling and crafting session! Yay!  

We have different options for party packages here.

You can write to us with your enquiries.

Wolols children's books party
Wola Wolols children's books party
Wolols storytelling party

What could you do to take 

care of our beautiful planet?

Wola and Weva love books

   The Wolols are like children. Their big eyes are widely open to the joy of learning new things, curious, inquires, actives, creatives,  and imaginative.  Always ready to have fun,

create and play! WOw Laughing Out Loud!

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Wolols crafts and activities

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