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I like to reuse the cereal boxes but when I need coloured cardstock. I like these ones


Make a WoBox

What is the WOBOX

It's a MAGIC box full of materials to create anything you could imagine. It is essential in Wolols' games to play in Wololand!


Reuse a cardboard box, an old suitcase (easy to move!), a big plastic container... whatever! Keep anything you think that can be reused to craft inside it.

​- Paper rolls, paper plates, cups

- Empty and washed water, milk, juice, plastic bottles or containers

- Corks, caps and lids

- Empty cereal packs, shoe boxes, packages

- Tape, glue, erasers, scissors

- Coloured papers and cardboards 

- Coloured pencils, crayons, markers, pens, 

- Washable paint, acrylics, paint brushes

- Old clothes, t-shirts, fabrics. They're perfect for costumes!

- Rubber bands, strings, ribbons, coloured pipe cleaners, sticks

- Clay and playdough

Here are some ideas about what to keep in your MAGIC WOBOX  

Whatever you think can be reused to create anything you imagine. Don’t forget to decorate your WOBOX!

Here are some symbols and letters you can add to your Wobox!


Parcheesi / Parchís Game

Parchís is very similar to Ludo and Parcheesi but with a few subtle differences and rules variations.  A bit of strategic thinking is required to win. It is a hugely popular game throughout Spain, and Wolols bring you the Spanish way to play!


Wolols figure toy

Make a toy figure of the Wolols!

Download the templates or use the idea with a photograph of yourself, your

family or your friends! For sure it will be a lot of fun!

Imagine, create and play!

Wolols figures crafting guide.png

Wolols memory game

Wolols Memory cards crafting guide.png

Wolols tic tac toe

A very easy activity and a perfect game to bring in the car or the school bus, on a trip, anywhere!


You know what? Wolols love to play also with fruit cuts (banana, strawberry, apple...) or decorated cookies. They always finish their games eating the pieces! Yummy LOL!

Download to print

Wolols tic-tac-toe game web image.png

Wolols domino

Dominoes is an ideal game to play with kids because the rules are simple. 

Young children can benefit from playing dominoes as they learn to count and to recognize patterns.

Download to print

Wolols Domino Game crafting guide.png

Wolols bowling

This is a great activity to reuse and recycle materials.

You can play bowling with any container, plastic bottle or cardboard toilet paper rolls. Just add a bit of creativity to transform your skittles. Here you will find some ideas from the Wolols.

Download to print

Wolols bowling game guide web image.png

Wolols jigsaw puzzle

Print your favourite jigsaw puzzle in card stock or normal paper and glue it onto cardboard to make it firmer and more durable. Cut the pieces and you are ready to play! 

Do you want a more challenging activity?

Print one of these and colour it!

Then follow the same steps from above.  

Download to print

The_Nest_Condo_Wolols copia.png
The Nest Wolols colouring jigsaw puzzle.
Wololand_jigsaw_puzzle copia.png
Wolols in Wololand colouring jigsaw puzz
Meet the Wolols jigsaw puzzle copia.png
Wolols jigsaw puzzle for colouring copia

Wolols Bingo!

Bingo is a board game everyone can play and a fantastic one for family time or to play with friends. 

You will need patient waiting, good listening, and alertness to say Bingo! when complete your board 

Download to print

Wolols Bingo game guide image web.png

Unicorn hairband

A craft idea from the Wolols Classic Stories Book, Little Pink Riding Hood, yes, in this version there is a unicorn.

Follow the template to make a super easy unicorn hairband and became one of these wonderful creatures, using your imagination! 

Download to print

Wolols Unicorn hairband craft guide web

Wolf mask and paws

From the Wolols Classic Stories Book, Little Pink Riding Hood


A wolf mask and paws template to howl like a wolf!

Imagine, create and play!

Download to print



Wolols Wolf mask crafting template.png
Wolols plantilla mascara y patas lobo.pn

Grandpa glasses

A craft idea from the Wolols Classic Stories Book, Little Pink Riding Hood

Planning to perform the story with your friends? Then you will need this grandpa's glasses template.

And find more funny templates inside!

Very easy to make!

Download to print

Wolols fun glasses templates.png
Wolols Grandpa's glasses image web.png

Amazing ideas about recycling

Plastic bottles and containers

Incredible ideas about

Recycling Cardboard boxes

Original ideas about what to do with Cans and lids


The Wolols enjoy visiting these websites with fantastic craft ideas!

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The Spruce crafts.png
Caco_Wolol_Activity cloud.png

Available in English and Spanish

Meet The Wolols web cover.png

   The Wolols are like children. Their big eyes are widely open to the joy of learning new things, curious, inquires, actives, creatives,  and imaginative.  Always ready to have fun,

create and play! WOw Laughing Out Loud!



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