Crafts - The Little Pigs and the DJ Wolf - Disco Party Ball crafting project

Disco Party Ball - Crafting guide 

Materials you will need

  • Ball or balloon

  • Foil

  • Tape

  • Piece of string


How to do it - Option 1

1 number.png

Cover all around the ball or balloon with the foil. You’ll have a big “silver” ball

big foil ball.png
2 num ber.png

Go around the ball with the piece of string and tie it.

put a string around the ball.png
3 number.png

Ask and adult to help you and decide where you can hang it and play your

Recycling old CDs

  • Old CDs

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Balloon, ball

  • Piece of string

  • Paper lamp for option 2

blue ball.png
string to hang disco ball.png
lampara papel.png

How to do it - Option 1

1 number.png

Cut the CDs in pieces. Be careful with sharp ends

trozos cd recortados.png
2 num ber.png

Glue the pieces around the ball

glue the pices on the ball.png
3 number.png

Add a piece of string around to hang it.

Well done!

add string.png

How to do it - Option 2

1 number.png

Glue the CDs around the paper lamp



lampara papel.png



Bola disco hecha con cds.png

Hang it and enjoy

your Disco Party!


  • Crafting guide 

disco party ball.png

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