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Crafts - The Little Pigs and the DJ Wolf - Piggy Snout and Ears crafting project

Piggy Snouts and Ears - Crafting guide 

Materials you will need

Cowee Showing Screen to craft Pig Snout and Ears
  • Cardboard or cardstock. Use an empty cereal container, a shoebox or any cardboard box you can recycle

  • Ears template (download here)

  • Hairband (optional)

  • Paper roll

  • Coloured pencils, markers

  • Pink paint (better washable) or red and white to make pink

  • Scissors, Tape and/or glue

  • Elastic band

Supplies you will need.png
Supplies you will need.png
elastic band.png

Piggy ears - How to do it

1 number.png

Colour and decorate the ears template in two tones of pink.

Wolols Piggy ears template.png
2 number.png

Glue them onto cardstock to make them firmer (if you haven’t print them out in cardstock), and cut out also the small dotted triangle

Paint and cut ears.png
Paint and cut ears.png
3 number.png

Glue the ears on the right and left side of the hairband and it’s done!

Glue ears on hairband.png
idea icon wolols.png

Don’t have a hairband? No worries! Make a “Crown”

Use a strip of cardstock longer enough to place it around your head. Glue the ears on the sides and adjust the strap to your head with some tape. Easy!

Piggy ears crown.png

Piggy snout - How to do it

1 number.png

Use the paper roll to trace a circle and cut out. Glue it to one of the ends

Tracing circle paper roll.png
2 num ber.png

Cut out the paper roll approximately 6 cm (2.4 inches). Cut a semicircle in one of the sides (to breath well!) and make a small hole on each side (for the elastic band)

cutting paper roll.png
3 number.png

Draw two black long circles (ovals)

drawing black dots snout (1).png
4 number.png

Introduce a piece of elastic in one of the holes, tie and do the same with the extreme o the elastic on the other side. Now it will stay in place on your head.

snout ready.png
elastic band.png
Cowee_Piggy happy.png

Yay! You

are ready to

Oink Oink!


  • Ears template

  • Crafting guide with template

Wolols Piggy ears template.png
Wolols Piggy Snout and ears template.png
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