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Crafts - The Little Pigs and the DJ Wolf - Dj Music Mixer crafting project

Dj Music Mixer - Crafting guide 

Materials you will need

music colors.png
  • Cardboard box

  • Wrapping paper or paint and brushes 

  • Markers

  • Scissors, Tape and/or glue

  • Paper plates or cardboard

  • Lids

  • For option 2: print out

        the templates. Download here

What you need Dj Mixer.png
What you need Dj Mixer.png

How to do it - Option 1

1 number.png

Close the cardboard box with tape

tape on the box.png
2 num ber.png
paint or wrap the box.png

Paint the box in your favourite colour. I’ve chosen light grey for the top and blue to paint it all around.

You can also wrap the box if you prefer not to paint it and wait until dry.

3 number.png

Use the markers to draw the “high-fidelity” speakers, like the draw below and remember to write your DJ name!

paint speakers and your name.png
4 number.png

Paint 2 paper plates in dark grey to make the platters or jog wheels for the top.

paint plates like records.png
idea icon home wolols.png

If you don’t have paper plates, use a piece of cardboard, cut out 2 circles and paint them.

5 number.png

Glue the painted plates or cardboard circles on top of the box and draw squares and circles as buttons. Draw four lines for the faders or pitch sliders and cut the line.

glue on top of the box.png
6 number.png

Now, let’s do the pitch sliders. Take a lid and a rectangle of cardboard slightly smaller than the lid.

preparing lids as buttons.png
7 number.png

Glue it inside of the lid and introduce it in one of the lines.

Twist it so you can move it back and forward and will stay in place.

adding lids-buttons to the box.png
8 number.png
music notes.png

Add more details if you want and get ready to play!

Ask someone to play some disco music and you can pretend to be the DJ!

finished DJ mixer.png

How to do it - Option 2

1 number.png

Print out the templates of the DJ mixer: left, middle and right side.

Print out two copies of the Hi-fi Speakers template (last page of the same file)

2 num ber.png

Repeat steps from above (option 1)

tape on the box.png
1 number.png
paint or wrap the box.png
2 num ber.png
3 number.png

Colour the templates as you prefer. Glue the mixer templates in order, left, middle and right, on top of the cardboard box.

DJ mixer templates.png
4 number.png

Do the same with the Hi-Fi Speakers. Glue them on each side of the front of the cardboard box and remember to write your DJ name!

DJ Music Mixer option 2 template.png
tio idea wolols.png

You can add some lids as buttons, use playdough to shape pitch sliders, use stickers or coloured cardstock pieces... make use of your creativity and imagination and have fun!

Remember to ask for adult help when needed, and maybe this person will join you and become a Dj too!

music notes.png

Yay! Now

play music to have your 




  • Crafting guide with template

Wolols DJ mixer crafting guide.png
  • Dj Mixer and speakers template

Option B template.png
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