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Fun Spring Crafts for Kids

The vibrant colours of spring are wonderful for making eye-catching projects kids will love to create. It's a great time of the year to get going on some bright and fun spring crafts for kids.

Making crafts is always fun, but recycling materials you can find around to create something beautiful to play with is even more satisfying.

My daughter loves when she can make something that looks like real art she might see on someone’s wall.

So here are some craft ideas made from recycling and reusing things you'd probably have at home.

1. Bottle Cap Fish

Create your own underwater paradise full of colourful fish, plants and bubbles. Collect plastic bottle caps from water and drink bottles. Paint the caps bright colours and make a whole school of friendly fish.

Find the tutorial here:

2. Recycled Plastic Lid Windchime

Have collected more plastic lids? Then try this lovely Windchime and let your child add his/her own creativity to the project.

3. Toilet Roll Bird Feeder

This idea is definitely for the birds! Save up toilet rolls. Cover them in peanut butter, roll in birdseed and hang them outside. Delight in watching all the birds flocking to these tasty feeders.

4. Flowers flowers flowers

Flowers and spring certainly do fit together very well! Using materials like egg cartons and toilet paper rolls will flourish kids creativity and are easy to find!

Find a great crafting tutorial from Emma Owl, one of my favourites websites.

5. Egg Carton Dragonfly

Turn egg cartons into colourful dragonflies with this fun papercraft. Kids can paint the egg cartons in their favourite colours and make antennas out of pipe cleaners. You can almost hear all the dragonflies buzzing around! Find all the info:

6. Water Bottle Fish

Instead of tossing your empty water bottles into the recycling bin, turn them into bright-coloured fish with this fun recycling project for kids. By flattening the bottles, you can make them into all kinds of weird and wonderful shaped fish.

When finished, you can add a small magnet to the fin, grab a long stick, tie a 50cm string to it. At the other end of the string, tie or glue another magnet. You can play fishing!

7. Magical Fairy houses with plastic containers

I love this project and it has no limits to kids imagination. Bulky plastic containers are perfect to become a small doll or fairy house. It will keep your child (and yourself!) busy and entertained adding details and complements. Follow the tutorial at

8. Bunny planters from recycled milk or juice cartons

This cute project will not only teach your child to reuse but to start a small gardening project, planting seeds, being responsible for taking care of them and watching them grow. Easy and very complete experience!

9. Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies.

Butterflies are also a synonym for spring time. There are lots of different craft projects to do butterflies, but I've chosen this one for its simplicity and beautiful result.

10. Easter egg carton chicks

Now that Easter is around the corner, this project is perfect to do before the egg hunt. Although maybe not big enough to keep chocolate eggs, but definitely a must-do with your child!

So here you have 10 projects to choose from and have fun with your family!

Remember to visit also or craft section to find more recycling crafts ideas.

Happy crafting!


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