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Today when children are spending more time at home, Maria Vergara’s vibrant fun-packed book, Meet the Wolols Welcome to Wololand, is the perfect solution. The introduction to the Wolols is a great way to teach new words and positive personal qualities. And, not only did Maria Vergara write and illustrate this delightful book (the first in a series), she also wrote it in Spanish. Maria Vergara also provides a website where you can download projects, games, and colouring pages. I particularly liked the characters' introductions in Meet the Wolols as they described themselves in positive ways.

Maria Vergara’s illustrations are eye-catching on every colourful page and engage the imagination while instilling character traits children can be proud of. It also encourages playing with friends but playing alone is also okay. I also liked the suggestions to recycle and work to save the planet. And, although I am impressed with Maria Vergara’s Meet the Wolols, when I visited her website, I was even more impressed. There I found enough activities to keep housebound children busy for days. There are activities to challenge children’s imaginations, identify their personality traits, and enough pages to colour that will keep them occupied for hours. Maria Vergara’s Meet the Wolols: Welcome to Wololand is a must for young elementary age children – perhaps five to eight years old – to learn and explore and engage. I highly recommend it. It may be the next children’s bestseller.


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