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Where Wolols names come from?

People are asking me about it, and I want to share it, so I've decided to tell you where the names of the Wolols come from.

If you read about me on the web, perhaps the name of Cacotato sounds to you. This was the birth of the Wolols. A business of T-shirts and accessories with the first designs of these charming and multifaceted little eggs. But: This name? Well, Caco comes from Carlos and Tato from Nacho (the Spanish nickname of Ignacio). That's the way my sons were called between them when they were toddlers because they couldn't pronounce their names correctly. In fact, Carlos is still Caco in the family. The personalities of Caco and Tato Wolols are inspired in my own children. They have much of them, the things that they like and how they are.

After launching Cacotato, my daughter Lola was born, but she was not in the name. When I created Wolols, I wanted her to be part of it, so she is Wola. Weva comes from Eva, my wonderful niece, the youngest of the Wolols. I've been inspired by them to create the personalities of Wola and Weva, and they are very similar!

Maybe you'll wonder about where Cowee comes from. Well, it is like you or me. A parent figure that helps, cheers up and guides the Wolols. A fundamental element in Wolols' stories, because its meaning "Committed With Entertainment and Environment", is something that we parents always do. We motivate our children to be better persons, to take care of the environment, but mainly we try them to enjoy, amuse themselves while they learn and have fun. We often take part in their games, and we are surprised and got involved in their imagination. For a little while, we allow ourselves and enjoy being this child that we were once... and it's worth it!

Keep yourself imagining, creating and playing!

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