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Worth to watch and think about it

I like very much animation films and I write today to recommend a short film that worth to be watched and think about the message it has.

There is no doubt that in our modern-day culture, we have been taught how to live and also what our lives are meant to look like. Our parents instil their concepts and beliefs onto us about what is right and wrong and, from there we enter into the school system. Right here is where a lot of our natural, fundamental innovative capabilities, unfortunately, pass away.

The school system still does not give the same importance to drama, art, poetry, music, etc. Instead, the much more rational analytical subjects, such as mathematics, scientific research, and memorization have much more weight in the majority of curriculums. Of course, these are important things to learn, and they must be part of the education, but not all individuals fit into that mould.

I think society desires us to think that those subjects do not fit right into our system, and also we can not earn a living by using them - what a mistake.

This is the problem that this 8-minute short film, Alike, showcase.

Madrid (Spain) based animators, Daniel Martinez Lara and Rafa Cano Mendez, teach us a lesson. What happens to your life when you permit your imaginative abilities as well as talents to be hushed by the daily 9-5 grind?

They dedicated "to our family members, for helping us not to lose our colour."

This short film also brings the message about let our children figure out on their own what it is they want to do. Obviously, every parent wants the best for their kids, but we need to remember that, what is our best is not always the best for our children. And in terms of education, maybe we should rethink the curriculums and share more balance with creative subjects. Since I was at school (yep, long time ago!), luckily this has changed and I can see now more creative thinking approach in teaching.

Below is the full version of the award-winning short film, Alike. Enjoy it!

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